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Accelerate Your Medical Innovation

A Co-Development Accelerator

MedTech Accelerator has a unique focus on collaborative product co-development by providing unparalleled access to world-class experts with shared clinical ideology from a platinum healthcare organization,
Mayo Clinic, and Arizona State University, the #1 university in the USA for innovation.


Startup Participants




Physicians & Mentors




Exit (M&A)

Our Commitment

We welcome next-generation companies in the medical device, technology, and services space. Our goal is to foster the development of technologies that yield improved outcomes and enhanced patient care.
  • World-Class Experts

    Access to a diverse pool of world-renowned experts from Mayo Clinic and ASU, offering unparalleled insights and expertise.

    Medical Mentors

    Personalized guidance from leading medical mentors, fostering startups' clinical and technological development.

    Capital Investment

    Offers critical pathways to capital investment, connecting startups with a network of investors for financial support.

    Business Development

    Intensive focus on business development through a comprehensive, interdisciplinary curriculum tailored to healthcare startups.

  • Product Optimization

    Strategic assistance in product optimization, leveraging state-of-the-art resources and expert feedback for refinement.

    Interdisciplinary Curriculum

    A holistic educational approach, blending business, technology, and healthcare disciplines for well-rounded development.


    Dedicated support in navigating the path to market, including strategies for effective commercialization and market penetration.

What we do

Unlike traditional equity-free and equity-investment accelerators, our program goes beyond providing financial support and resources. This is a unique model of co-developing accelerator in which we actively engage with medical technology startups, nurturing their ideas and fostering collaborations to accelerate the modernization of healthcare. Products, services, and solutions that move into a collaborative co-development phase are subject to a “trust and verify” model, meaning that all company product claims are validated within our organizations.

Why MedTech​

The program aims to equip startups with the necessary skills, knowledge, and strategies to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry and accelerate their commercialization efforts. Following the curriculum, the cohort engages in 12 months of close collaboration, guidance, and progress tracking. Participation in our accelerator signals selection from the top of the quality distribution, increasing the likelihood of expedited fundraising for startups after graduation. Indeed, approximately half of the accelerator portfolio companies have subsequently received a capital investment from Mayo Clinic.

Our value proposition

The MedTech Accelerator offers a unique and comprehensive program that addresses the specific needs of early-stage medical device and healthcare technology startups. By combining the strengths of the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University, we provide unparalleled access to resources, expertise, and mentorship, enabling startups to accelerate their go-to-market strategies and investment possibilities.

Milestones & Achievements

  • Global Reach & Diversity

    In addition to ventures based in the United States, the program attracted startups from diverse countries including Kenya, Canada, France, Switzerland, Spain, Israel, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.
    Global Reach and Diversity
  • Fundraising success

    The MedTech ventures have collectively raised an impressive sum of over $152 million in funding after completing the accelerator program.
  • Exit

    Scala Med, a smart prescription platform, was acquired by Cardinal Health in July 2022, highlighting the recognition and value of its innovative solution. Similarly, BrainFx, a Canada-based startup specializing in the development of assessment tools for neurofunction, was acquired by Highmark Interactive in June 2021. These successful exits not only validate the quality and potential of MedTech startups but also provide a positive signal to future participants and investors in the accelerator program.
  • Market Impact

    MedTech Accelerator companies have secured more than 75 commercial deals, highlighting their ability to translate innovative concepts into tangible business opportunities.
    Market Impact

Feedback & Reviews

  • "You will never be able to replicate this kind of deep engagement with so many stakeholders in such a short amount of time."


  • "What was really fantastic was hearing from the experts and mentors and the physicians at Mayo Clinic who are also entrepreneurs and have commercialized technology, and their sharing those stories with us openly."


  • "This is an amazing opportunity for a company like Hexoskin to get insight from an organization like Mayo Clinic, meet with all the stakeholders, the administration, IT, and physicians of different specialties, to see how we can be more useful for patients."


  • "It’s been a really powerful experience for us to go through a highly competitive selection process, be one of the very few that was selected, and really feel like rockstars, because we’ve got this unparalleled access."